It is most likely to connect the aviation industry to airplanes and the maritime industry to ships. Not for us. Undagrid looks behind the airplanes and ships and focusses on the thousands of moving assets on the apron and port. Assets that are needed for almost every logistic process in the industry. Assets that are used for (un)loading an airplane, translocate passengers’ bagages or transport hazardous trade. Relevant business cases concerning those assets are (among other things): where are they? what is their current status? do they need maintenance?

Due to the Undagrid solution it is possible to easily gather all types of information from (non-)motorized assets. As you probably know, GPS is suitable to locate assets outdoor. Undagrid adds a new aspect for locating assets: a communication solution that makes it possible for assets to connect with surrounding assets. In other words, by knowing where your neighbors are you can find out where you are. This has many advantages compared to regular GPS systems, as it is low in energy, low in costs and high in range. Undagrid makes steel intelligent.