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We offer tracking & tracing solutions for the maritime industry based on machine to machine communication. With a simple and autonomous network technology we can optimize port-exploitation, service vehicles, asset management and asset logistics. This speeds up processes, enhances the quality of the entire process and delivers new opportunities.

Ports are not only infrastructures for vessels but also ecosystems of services and assets. We make this ecosystem manageable and exploitable!

The maritime industry now is all about efficiency, tracking and tracing and vessel-control. Not only the vessels need control but more-and-more all assets these vessels move or run into, need tracking and tracing and control too. Wouldn’t it be great if all service related vehicles were autonomous and all assets communicate with vessels, service related vehicles and each other in order to be moved, stocked and transported in the most efficient way?

Undagrid makes this magic happen!

Using autonomous mesh-network technology combined with dashboards and services we can optimize asset-flows instantaneously without startup costs. The magic does not end there: after gaining control and manageability of assets, vessels and service related vehicles, Undagrid turns the port into an excosystem of business opportunities.


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