The solutions we have delivered to logistical hubs like airports and ports make Undagrid an experienced solution provider to any enterprise that has to deal with logistical processes and lots of movable assets. We enrich assets with tracking-, network- and sensing-capabilities and have proven out-of-the-box solutions for cost reduction, quality improvement and new services.  

Simple is the new smart!

Logistical processes are exemplary in using data driven optimization techniques and data driven services. Any client wants to know where a good or asset is, when it will reach it’s destination and/or what the conditions are (if that’s important for the good in situ). In classical situations positioning, detecting and managing logistical processes rely mostly on short distance detection technologies like bluetooth and RF-id, in combination with centralized and long distance connections to the internet to use cloud solutions and dashboards. This requires implementation of a centralized system, of lots of (dumb) short-distance trackers and therefore recurring costs and pro investments.

Undagrid has an out-of-the box solution

With only three assets you are in business and millions of assets is no problem. Based on proven cases in the aviation and maritime sector we can offer proven solutions and experience to optimize and enhance the quality of processes. There are no license-fees or subscriptions and no prior investments. You can immidiately start with our proven business cases. It is no problem if you are in business with three or one million assets.


Turning non-intelligent assets into smart value-adding-services!

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