IoT unraveled


Your assets: just objects or priceless information? You have objects - containers, gangways, trolleys, you name it - and you want to be able to track and manage these. Moreover, you want to have your objects connected to each other, so that they can communicate their data and you can channel the integral information flow and obtain insight into your processes.


Be smart, unlock your business power
Undagrid unlocks this potential, by turning your everyday assets into an intelligent network. Without upfront infrastructure investments, Undagrid empowers you to scale. Scale to support object control, optimization and autonomy. Bottom line: Undagrid lays the foundation for your new business model.

Think smart harbour logistics, smart aviation and rail logistics, smart agriculture. Undagrid brings your service and repair registration to the next level. 

Assets? Just Undagrid them. 

Your greenfield starts with seamless positioning
Why do you still have a warehouse? Why do you want to connect objects with each other? Why is the information flow generated by networked objects interesting? When searching for the right answers innovation is triggered, information-driven innovation. One thing is certain: the value is already there in your assets. Whether they are located indoors or outdoors. It starts with the seamless positioning of Undagrid's technology and before you know it, you are on your way to your greenfield.  

ADAM Autonomous Dynamic Asset Management

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