Simple is the new smart

Whether you are at work or at home, you are probably being asked to do more with less. We often become consumed with what doesn't really matter and spend far too much of our precious time on what doesn't even count. Our innovation in the fast evolving Internet-of-Things market is unifying advanced technology and an uncomplicated user experience. Undagrid realized that idea into a tangible solution. Our customers are pleased with the results.


 Think simple, be intuitive

With the incredible advances in technology, especially IoT, the opportunity to serve our customers is to keep things simple and intuitive. Our goal is to create solutions that have complex features but are easy to use, because we believe that the need for simplicity is more important than ever before.

We think and breath simple, because we want our customer to work immediately with our solution, without even thinking of configuration, heavy upfront installation or more hassle like that. Our solution is as simple as tapping water. As it should be with technology.

Unlock your smart assets

There is obviously an enormous amount of technology readily available such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Z-wave and ZigBee. They all have their advantages in specific areas of application, but they suffer from a common set of problems: constructing a robust network topology that is both energy efficient, robust, scalable and self-adaptable. In our opinion, neither of these technologies satisfy all these criteria. In practice, the cable wiring problem is replaced by network configuration and routing problems. 

With Undagrid, you discover the art of immediate sharing and gathering information from your surroundings and useful assets, before you even have to think about how it's done.

Simple is the new smart: unlock your assets - with Undagrid.