Together with Safran, the world's largest supplier of cabin equipment, we present you SOPHY, a context-aware IoT sensor revolutionizing the inflight catering process with a connected trolley.


Earn back your trolley fleet
Now you can optimize your catering process by taking advantage of SOPHY's insights. SOPHY is a context-aware device which is easy to integrate in your existing & new trolley fleet. This innovation provides you with the right actionable information to secure the continuously changing catering logistics. This enables airlines to unlock valuable insights of their trolleys anywhere on the globe. Benefit from all of SOPHY's capabilities and achieve significant efficiencies in your catering operations.

A customer driven innovation
We are proud to say that thanks to Safran's customers' feedback SOPHY has been specifically tailored to the needs of airlines to understand driving forces of performance and costs in their catering operations. This seamless solution is easy to integrate in existing & new catering fleets, keeping implementation efforts to an absolute minimum. Besides, it allows for objective assessment of third party providers in catering processes,empowering airlines.

Integrated global network
All SOPHY devices are able to share data with each other and deliver data on behalf of each other to smart devices - gateways, which, in turn, deliver such data to a secured cloud.Every smart device with an installed app can become a gateway. For some areas, dedicated gateways can take over this function. This unique network functionality generates a global network of all connected SOPHY devices while ensuring private data for each party.

A SOPHY device collects the following types of data:

  • Movement
  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Pressure
  • Impact
  • Location
  • Maintenance

Endure challenging conditions
SOPHY devices are designed to withstand the demanding conditions that are inherent in daily catering operations. They are watertight and temperature resistant, ensuring perfect operation in the aviation industry. SOPHY complies with worldwide regulations.

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