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Create smart assets with GSEtrack

Your Ground Support Equipment: just moving assets or priceless information? You have equipment, bagage carts, trailers, tow bars, tow tugs, belt loaders  you name it - and you want to be able to track and manage these. Moreover, you want to channel the integral information flow and obtain insight into your processes.

Localization of your GSE can save costs and boosts the performance of your company. Knowing where your available equipment is located ensures efficiency. The speed, efficiency and accuracy are important factors in ground handling for minimizing the turnaround time. Complete visibility in your GSE, for optimizing their ground handling services on the apron.
Get total control and unleash the business power of your GSE.

Learn more about GSEtrack in this video from our client Lufthansa Technik.

Track indoors and outdoors

Our track and trace system is one of its kind. That’s because it works both indoors and outdoors. So, if assets move from outside into a hangar, warehouse or baggage handling area, our solution will still know where the assets are. This works for both non-motorised and motorised assets.


With the use of GSEtrack, information of your ground support equipment is transferred to the cloud. This information is standard displayed via our portal application. The GSEtrack information can also be connected to your own system by using our API’s. No problem whatsoever.


GSEtracker Specifications

Sensor Information
With GSEtrack you turn your assets into valuable sensors that will help you optimize your business, performance and processes. You turn your non-motorised ground support equipment into smart business assets: The airport in the palm of your hands!

A GSEtrack device collects the following types of information:

  • Location
  • Movement
  • Maintenance
  • Battery
  • Temperature

GSEtrack solution on Apron

Where Live

Since 2015 many ground handlers, airports and airlines have already implemented our GSEtrack solution. We're now live at arround 20 airports, tracking thousands of assets worldwide, with impressive results! Take Lufthansa Technik for instance:

With this solution, real-time asset information is available at any time and in any place. We can use all the networked GSE optimally both inside and out the hangars. GSEtrack helps us make ‘Industry 4.0’ really sustainable for our operations.”
– Lufthansa Technik

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