We are the fastest growing solution provider for ground equipment in the aviation industry.

 Undagrid now delivers services to the five largest airports of Europe among others Frankfurt, Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam Airport. This list is growing each week, next up is Dubai. These airports turned not only their motorized, but also their non-motorized equipment and trailers into manageable, moveable assets. This creates an enormous greenfield of opportunities for new business propositions to clients.

What used to be a practical insolvable problem of tracking non-motorized equipment is now a business asset!

An airport is NOT all about airplanes, it is about transportation of people and goods. And a context that supports it. It is in all aspects the same as a hub in any computer network. This network needs optimization with a focus on flexibility, manageability and insight of the data it transports. Apart from airplanes and the people and goods, an airport is also very much dependent on the positioning and optimization of non-motorized equipment and trailers. All these mobile assets form a complex ecosystem of intertwined processes that need management and optimization. In the current status, much time and resources are spent just on finding lost trolleys and non-motorized equipment, let alone managing all these movable assets. 

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