About us

Nice to challenge you.

Yes, of course we were proud when we were chosen best Internet-of-Things idea of Europe. And to be part of the selected few that work with Inmarsat to create new global business propositions. But we are even more proud that we are now full in business in a wide range of target industries. We unlock a new airport with Autonomous Dynamic Asset Management almost every month.

40 years of experience of next years’ technology 

Undagrid founders Rolf van de Velde, Christiaan Willemsen and Lennart Schroer already knew each other from one of Europe's largest automotive telematics company, which was owned by Mr Van de Velde and serviced car brands such as Audi and Mercedes-Benz.
The fourth founder, Marcus, was head of machine-to-machine at Vodafone so he brings a large dose of Internet-of-Things experience. Together, they have 40 years of knowledge and expertise in unlocking information from assets.